Short Courses

You’ve always known what your dream career is; get paid doing what you love!

Our certified short course makes it easy to find information you need and want about a dream career with competitive advantage when applying for a job or marketing your business. Wherever you are in the pursuit of your dream career, we can help you get started and succeed. We are currently offering the following short course:

  1. Become A Social Media Manager
  2. Become A Boutique Owner
  3. Become A Personal Assistant
  4. Become A Personal Shopper
  5. Become A Personal Travel Consultant
  6. Become An Event Planner
  7. Become A Floral Stylist 
  8. Become A Copywriter
  9. Become An Event Stylist 
  10. Become A Mystery Shopper 

Contact our Concierge to discuss your specific requirements.