Corporate Lifestyle Tier

Whether we want to accept it or not, employees are an extension of an organisation’s brand. Current and potential clients will ordinarily pre-judge an organisation based on the outward appearance as well as the performance of your staff. 

Our Corporate Lifestyle Enhancement sessions are for corporations who want to align their corporate image with the image of their staff. These sessions help participants to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop and maintain a professional image that aligns to and supports the organisation’s image and customer service standards. The sessions cover important fundamentals to maintain personal grooming, etiquette savvy life skills and principles in dealing with customers. CLE sessions are bespoke, timed two hours each and generally cover:

  1. Achieving Personal Excellence
  2. Dine Like A Diplomat - Tutorial Lunch
  3. Corporate Image Management
  4. Self-Presentation For Career Preservation
  5. The Etiquette Of Good Business
  6. The Greatest Treasure You Will Ever Own
  7. The Polish That Builds Profits
  8. The Polished Professional Seminar
  9. Why Corporate Casual Kills Careers

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