Corporate Styling Tier

We create styling strategy dedicated to expertly representing your corporate brand essence through logo design, brand positioning, brand collaterals and environmental styling aligned to the business or lifestyle aspiration of our client via the following tiers: 


An Ideal brand creation starting point.  This tier consists of:

  • One Hour Brand Creation Consultation
  • Two Logo Concepts (Choose one only)
  • Basic Brand Guide (Logo variation, Colour & Font Palette)
  • Basic Stationery Layout (Business Card & Letterhead)
  • 200 Business Card ( Standard Cards Print out) 


This tier consists of everything to bring the brand to live. Plus a 5% Discount on production of Brand collaterals for one year:

  • One Hour Brand creation Consultation
  • Brand Development (Positioning & Styling)
  • Logo Design (Three Concepts To Choose From)
  • Complete Stationery Package (Layout Only)
  • Personal Branding Seminar For The C-Suit Executives
  • Two Hour Branding Seminar For Staff
  • One Year Brand Management


Do you want to refresh your current brand identity? Let us assist you with the following:

  • One Hour Brand Consultation
  • Basic Brand Guide (Colour & Font Palette, Layout)
  • Basic Stationery Layout(Business Card & Letterhead)
  • 200 Business Cards (Printout)
  • 1 Ream Letterhead (Printout)
  • Personal Branding Seminar For The C-Suit Executives

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