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We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Business leaders face new leadership challenges demanding new levels of innovation, motivation, communication and interpersonal skills.

We are responding to this fast-changing landscape by delivering a suite of programs designed for executives at all stages of their careers. With participants drawn from different industries, you will leave our program with fresh knowledge, insight and concept, allowing you to make an impact when you return to your organisation. Signup for:


What's your vocal image like?

A person’s voice quality is as important as their personal style. This includes the volume, rate, pitch used by the individual. These aspects of vocal communication can create assumptions about the individual. 

You can’t afford to project an unpleasant vocal image which can result in negative impressions which lead to personal dissatisfaction. You can overcome vocal habits like:

  • Talking too fast  or Monotone (we will coach you to control your phrasing and rhythm)
  • Mumbled words (you will be coached secrets to sounding eloquent)
  • Choppiness etc (you will build fluency in your speaking)

Our Vocal Image program helps to develop a speaking style with emphasis on Vocal Techniques, Diction & Enunciation, Listening Skills, Business Communication Etiquette, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills that match your personality, profession and career goals. 

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Saying “No comment” gives the media carte blanche to print what they like while giving you little opportunity to respond. Managed professionally and with efficient media skills training, the press, radio and television are exceptional channels for communicating key messages to your target audience. If you don’t engage positively when handling the media in order to maximise this opportunity, your competition probably will.

Media Interaction Skills is a practical, hands-on, one-day media skills training program tailored completely for you, this program can focus on particular mediums, for example, printed press or local radio, or, particular skills, such as:

  • Granting Interview
  • The Personal Touch
  • Impacting The Bottom Line
  • Social Media Management 

In any instance, we spend time with you constructing background stories, based on your industry and environment. These stories offer you real-life experience that can be repeatedly drawn-on. Unlike some media training courses, you’ll learn how journalists work and also come to appreciate the pressures and deadlines under which they do their job. Appreciating the journalist’s perspective on what’s newsworthy will give you the opportunity, when handling the media, to help them present your organisation in a good light

Duration: 3-weekend program. 

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