It is important to invest the time and effort from the ground up. Some of the strongest brands in the world have stood the test of time and lasted through trends in the industry, changes in economic status and business success. The first time you hand out your business card is just as important as the hundredth. First impressions are everything. You obviously want your first impression to be a lasting impression so start now.

Start with your vision and let OpulenceConsult help you carry it through every step of the way – at work, at home, and at play. We will begin the journey by sharing thoughts on your personality, business goals, and overall aesthetics. If you are not sure of these details yet, not to worry, We can help you every step of the way. We will begin with the preliminary consultation. Once we conclude the service monitor, we will custom design every part of your brand. Your presence, attitude, business cards and other brand collateral will share the same vision we began with and carry you through years of successful business culture.

In order to begin, contact our concierge to discuss the details or fill a request form online. We will begin with a phone call,  email or in-person consultation to answer a few questions. Our concierge will present you with a proposal including service details, timeline, pricing and a contract. When you are ready to begin, a deposit will be due.

Next? Watch your future comes to live! Aren’t you ready?



We have different service delivery options to make our services, products, and events accessible to our clients. These service options are priced based on location, duration and requirement.

  • In-house: Clients come over to our Studio or Lounge to access our services, events, and products
  • Mobile Option: We will work with the client’s venue of choice
  • Online: We deliver some of our services online and arrange for dispatch service to deliver products purchased.

Although we allow walk-ins, we can’t guarantee our service upon arrival without an appointment. Therefore, we encourage clients to use our service request or appointment form on our website.



Standard press orders are ten (10) working days not including holidays. For overnight orders to press; all items must be ready for press by 10.00 am on Wednesday to be with the press that evening. If an artwork is received after 10 am on Wednesday, the turnaround period begins the next Wednesday. Any order needed before then will be considered as a “rush job”.  Rush printing orders will be quoted as the cost of the job plus the “Rush” fee. 



Pro-forma Invoices are based on a reasonable time schedule and may have to be revised to take into consideration your "rush job". RUSH JOBS are any jobs that must be expedited to meet print or client’s deadlines. This request requires overtime, weekends or the 'bumping' of other work. Knowledge of your deadline is essential to provide an accurate invoice. Business hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 to 18:00. A 200% markup on overtime after 18:00 and on weekends.

Rush fees

  1. Same day delivery – double the initial amount
  2. Three days delivery – plus half of the initial amount
  3. 1-week delivery - plus quarter of the initial amount

* All “RUSH” designs must be approved by the client before it will be sent to the press for production. Please note that some of our services cannot be completed overnight 



Brand Collateral is a tangible evidence of the brand and must be finished corresponding to the brands core values and personality to make the sales effort easier and more effective.  With us, your brand will at all times evoke striking first impressions, endearing a timeless keepsake for years to come with these production process:

  • Bespoke Brand Stationery - Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes etc
  • Marketing Collaterals - Brochures, Website, Packaging, Promotional Merchandise etc
  • Sign Fabrication and Vehicle Livery 

Design combined with thoughtful print finishes gives your corporate and personal stationery the power to captivate and make a genuine impression. We take great pride in our craft; every exquisite element is printed or fabricated with the utmost attention to detail. We're delighted to offer a choice of unique, bespoke hand finishing, which are designed for the discerning client in mind. If you're hoping for your stationery to make even more of an impact, then our bespoke hand-finished range may be for you.

For most clients, our digital print out will be the best choice, as these are available in full colour, in a wide range of quantities, and they're quicker to produce. However, if the exclusive features on the bespoke finished option interests you and you're happy to wait a few extra days for the hand finishing, dispatch is usually 10 working days on standard orders.

NOTE: If you're supplying your own artwork, please supply us with PDF or EPS format. Unless suitable “print-ready” artwork is supplied, there will be an artwork charge for creating artwork to your layout  (logos will incur an extra charge).

Our bespoke hand-finished cards are printed on 350gsm, 400gsm, and 540gsm ultra-thick uncoated card with a natural grain textured (matt) finish and is noticeably thicker and more tactile than the majority of business cards you'll come across. Standard sized for the business card is 8.5 x 5.5cm with the exception of the digital print, which uses a 250gsm card.

Our finishing includes:

Spot Gloss Finish - Adding a raised, glossy coating to enhance certain select graphic elements of the card making the colour appear richer and shine.

Metallic Finish - The features of metallic foil printing add a captivating element to your business cards. From offering a subtle elegance to bursting a flashy wow-factor, foiling is the speciality finish for business cards that aim to intrigue.

Embossing/Debossing - Another great way to get attention with your stationery. You can’t help but notice a card or any other printed material with embossed lettering. It is a great way to add a classy and sophisticated look to your business cards.

Edge Colouring - Transform the perception of your business cards from being just another flat card, into a gorgeous, purpose-built tactile object that truly represents you.

Die Cutting - With die cutting from The Distillery, your business card edges don't need to be square.

Pad Print - The most effective way of applying up to 4-colour process onto flat, curved or recessed areas. Ink is applied from an etched plate via a rubberized pad. This, in turn, applies ink under correct pressure lifted from the plate. Pad printing is great for just about every desktop item. Anything made from firm, hard or semi-soft materials can be printed whether they are flat or curved recessed or indent.

Acid Etching - Similar to screen-printing but instead of using coloured ink an abrasive acid chemical is applied through the template instead. This chemical erodes and affects the products surface leaving a contrasting area. Acid etching is great for glass, metal, wood and ceramics providing an 'embossed' look. 

Engraving - Applied with a powerful laser or via a diamond tipped tool, engraving will literally burn or scratch into your chosen product leaving a mark that will survive any other print or branding technology in normal general use. Laser engraving is great for chrome or stainless steel, glass, crystal and wooden objects. 

Embroidery - Clarity will never be as crisp as print onto for example plastics, but survives, and outperforms print onto garments and just seems the right thing to do onto clothing. Embroidery is great for clothing, textiles, thin PVC and other flat, thin or soft surfaces. 

These collaterals are expertly produced, with extreme care and attention to detail, and we think the startling results speak for themselves. To request for combination finishing or custom quote on any of our Bespoke finishing options, please contact our concierge. For sample viewing, may we suggest a visit to our Portfolio 

Our bespoke hand – finished range such as  embossing, debossing, foiling etc, are unique in appearance and the results of the features depend on many factors including (but not limited to) nature of card and the artwork used. Your physical card(s) may, therefore, vary from e.g. a photograph on our website or a physical sample you have received, and depend on your exact artwork and chosen card/foil/features.

Due to the nature of the process involved, and the nature of the materials used, card and finishing may naturally vary within normal tolerance. A wide range of foil colours are available - but not necessarily PMS match. If you're unsure of the suitability of either your artwork, choice of finishing or the results to expect, please contact us to arrange for a physical sample to be produced at additional cost

Multiple sets: The foil process is well-suited to small sets of cards with different names - if you wish to have different cards for various staff members, please ask us for a quote.