Indulge Your Signature Colour
Wednesday, January 06 2016

This blog post is dedicated to all those of us who celebrate our personal colouring each day in colours that make us radiantly beautiful. Whiles at it. If you have not experienced a personal colour analysis yet, please do so as it is the only way to discover your signature colours and how to wear the colours that do not necessarily compliment you.

'Wondering what personal colour analysis is? 
PCA, for short is the process where an individual’s face is gauged against coloured drapes in order to find their best colour range. 'Sounds all very technical.. right? Not at all, it's actually very interesting and enlightening.

During the process, you will notice unique effects as you observe the reflection of flattering and less flattering colours on your face. Your flattering colours will soften your facial features and highlight your facial contours. The colours will clear and smoothen your complexion with a youthful glow, making the white of your eyes and teeth appear brighter, and make you feel revitalized. Unflattering colours on the other hand, will accentuate lines and wrinkles, darken and dull your complexion, harden and flatten your facial features and will allow colours in your clothes to dominate whilst separating the head from the torso. 

PCA is a must experience for everyone with a dream to excel in both social and professional fields. After all, colours make the initial impact when you meet someone, so find out which colours are perfect for you. We at OpulenceConsult think colours are the different reflections of nature’s smiles.

July is definitely a perfect time to colour yourself radiantly beautiful because it's the beginning of the other half of the year, so using colours as refreshment can make a huge difference, even though many will not be considering it. It's really easy to do, especially when you are equipped with your personal colour information and swatch. 

The easiest way to update a wardrobe is to add color! 

Don't be scared to wear something bold or bright this July. Bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way and wear something non-depressing and fun?

The inspiration for this blog post came about when I found an exquisite orchid and brass necklace from Aya Morrison. I knew I had to find a way to add the necklace to an outfit I had already paired (a stripped green and white dress from Just Taylor and an orange pair of shoes from Aldo). Initially I stepped back but later said why not, it turned out beautiful. I had both cool and warm colours and I loved the combination.

There's really no excuse to stick to basics or your corporate colours. Whiles you can always create a way to personalize your look. Simply introduce pop of colours in your choice of lifestyle accessories (umbrella, card holder, pens, brooch, even nail polish or lipsticks) if your lifestyle does not allow you to wear your favorite colours to work.

After all a plain black dress is just a canvas, make it interesting by adding a layer of a bold coloured blazer (worn unbuttoned, of course), or pair the black dress with a coloured statement necklace or handbag. Go ahead and have some fun.