We like to think of our self as a style counsel that offers a departure from the traditional form of public relations, graphic designing and fashion styling. We create an integrated communication strategy dedicated to providing a deliberate service solution focused on enhancing the unique features of your appearance, personality, lifestyle, business, and home, in so doing giving you tacit visibility to and presence with the clients and people that matter most to you.

Welcome to our online presence. May we suggest a visit to our Press Lounge for brands we have created in our Portfolio and some O'Moments we have captured in photos and motion. We hope you find some inspiration to join our client list. Shop our collection as we unveil a unique range of quality contemporary accessories to complement your lifestyle; at work, home and at play. Also, discover our blog, our ever-evolving intent is to share savvy advice from real life experiences plus a complete course on the art of creating a signature style. 

We regularly work with an eclectic mix of corporate and individuals (C-Suit Executives, Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Public Figures, Graduates, Executive Housewives etc) in the Financial, Telecommunication, Lifestyle & Hospitality industry; keen to ensure that their brand essence is impressed throughout the whole of their life's cycle – the look and feel, authenticity and service excellence. In essence, aesthetics mixed with brand authority. Under listed are some clients we are privileged to have worked with:

  • Guinness Ghana Breweries                                                   
  • Ministry of Finance                                      
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry  
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Roads & Highways                                                   
  • Viotech      
  • Publicis West Africa                                                                                                     
  • Westfield Limited                    
  • Barclays Bank                                                               
  • Petronia
  • Acote Collections by Fusion 
  • Atlantic eBanc Global Systems
  • Hamdanet
  • COTVET    
  • Lebara  
  • Liberty Group 
  • Zoccus Limited 
  • She By Bena
  • Bank Of Ghana



To become the leading fully integrated image management concierge in Africa



To provide definitive personalised support to individuals and corporation and to do so in a manner that significantly enriches their brand essence – at work, at home and at play



DIVERSITY – we use strategic alliances to drive our pursuit of excellence and professionalism.

INTEGRITY – we create and maintain a distinctive brand culture with every client, ensuring a win-win partnership between our brand and clients, strategic partners and staff.

PASSION – our passion and commitment are to work with each client to present the best and most appropriate version of them, each and every time. We strive to deliver an ‘O’ experience via this relationship:

  • Confidentiality - honest, friendly and creative service
  • Speed - service on schedule
  • Resource - with bespoke client support 
  • Quality with add-on values 
  • Client appreciation & loyalty reward
  • Ambience - perfect settings with ease of access 
  • Lasting relationship

If you're interested in getting started or have questions, don't hesitate to contact our Concierge.  We'll be happy to walk you through all the details.