What it is really like to work with OpulenceConsult?

We like to think of ourselves as a boutique image consultancy that creates deliberate image management solutions focused on enhancing the unique features of the most eclectic mix of individuals and corporations, keen to ensure that their appearance, and brand essence is impressed throughout the whole of their life’s cycle – at work, at home and at play.


To us, it is knowing our clients’ aspirations, needs, desires and making sure we offer private coaching to enhance the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence by their choice of clothing, grooming, social grace, business etiquette, brand styling, bespoke stationeries and marketing collaterals with only the best craftsmanship to ensure a lasting impression for any personal, social or professional situation every time.


At best, it’s about convenience and confidentiality. Having our loyal and resourceful team in your corner; ensuring you show up every day and at every event appropriately dressed to perfection with impeccable social grace and business etiquette that guarantee success globally.


Welcome to our online presence; for more ways to enjoy our activities may we suggest a visit to our Journal and shop our curated collection of style accessories. We do hope you find some inspiration to join our client list.



To become the leading fully integrated image management concierge in Africa



To provide definitive personalised support to individuals and corporations and to do so in a manner that significantly enriches their brand essence – at work, at home and at play




We use strategic alliances to drive our pursuit of professionalism and excellence.



We create and maintain a distinctive brand culture with every client, ensuring a win-win partnership between our brand and clients, suppliers and staff.



Our passion and commitment is to work with each client to present the best and
most appropriate version of them, each and every time.


P.S to all of our clients and stakeholders, those we are yet to meet, we say: - Thank you for allowing your vision to inspire our passion!