Enough about what we say we do, this is what our clients have to say. 

Thank you OpulenceConsult for giving me such beautiful complimentary cards for 2015. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. _ Ing. Theodore Quaye, Regional Director, Ashanti Region Urban Department. 


We acknowledge receipt of the cards we ordered and appreciate the fine work done. You know your stuff.  _ Angela Opoku, Viotech 


THANK YOU @opulenceconsult finally got my new set of Business Cards. Love is an understatement. Your packaging and Card thickness, we will be doing more business. _ Lawrencia Owusu,  Just SparkleNshine


Kudos to OpulenceConsult. I got introduced to OpulenceConsult by my cousin, who felt that my voice was not a true reflection of my personality. OpulenceConsult offered me voice coaching sessions together with their Image branding package. I then discovered some unique tones I had never experienced.

Adiza was so dedicated to her work and offered flexible appointment schedules for her clients. As an expert in image consultancy, she offered a unique personal brand to suit my personality. Accentuating my style and fashion skills and expanding my social network.

Adiza will say; ‘Never waste time on anything that will not add value to your person’. I now live by partaking only in activities that add value to me to succeed in this life. Indeed, my expectation of your programme was far exceeded.

Thanks to you and the team for your impeccable professionalism and knowledge in creating unique personal branding. Letitia Asante (Asihene)


This has been an eye-opener. I have heard people speak about grooming, branding and styling but never have I heard anyone speak with such passion and depth of knowledge. I am grateful for the opportunity. Gladys Ofori _ Global Graduate Academy 2016


The learning experience today is one that has made me realise practising what you preach is key. I have learnt a lot, spanning from personal image to table etiquette. I appreciate the training. Patrick _ Global Graduate Academy 2016


It’s been a splendid Sunday. The moments shared and lessons learnt are simply priceless. Thank you so much for pouring into us; I could not ask for any better. I am yearning for more! _ Joshua _ Global Graduate Academy 2016


The event is very interesting and insightful as well as educative. This should be organise monthly or periodically to create more awareness to enable people, family or individuals stand out great anywhere they go or the occasion. Great job…. Am Impressed. _ Mary Ankrah